Parenting Immigrant Youth

In this course, participants will learn:

  • Importance of Identity and Belonging 
  • Intercultural and Intergenerational conflict
  • Parenting strategies
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Control vs. Autonomy
  • Positive Youth Development

Settlement and migration can be stressful for youth (13-19). Adjusting to a new country, can present a list of challenges which if unaddressed, can lead to negative outcomes. These challenges include:

  • Intercultural conflict
  • Intergenerational disconnect
  • Financial instability
  • Contact with the Criminal Justice system
  • Lack of belonging

For racialized youth in particular who are struggling with their identity, these challenges can become overwhelming. At a time in which youth are most vulnerable, mental health issues due to the stress of migration can lead to additional difficulties if not addressed in a culturally sensitive manner.

This course is developed to assist parent's, caregivers and adult allies support youth as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. The course will provide helpful strategies to understand the needs of your teenager, empathize with their experiences and also validate on your vulnerability.


About the Facilitator

As an Immigrant who came to Canada at the age of 12, I have experienced the challenges of adjusting to a new country with limited social, financial and emotional support. My parents sacrificed so much for the well being of me and my siblings that it often left them emotionally depleted. They did everything to ensure that we were well looked after, that there was a roof over our head, food on the table, values to remind us of our heritage and faith. Yet, in the midst of all this effort, what worked for how my parents were parented, did not always work with me.

The cultural differences of growing up in a different country, with a different language, different perspectives, different ideology and different faiths, all meant that both me and my parents were in uncharted waters. We had not been here before. We were in unfamiliar territory.

We learned along the way, mistakes were made, lessons were learned, and we figured out a way.

This course is an exploratory endeavour to share some of the best practices in parenting that assisted me in my experiences as a youth in Canada.

My lived experience as an immigrant youth is complimented by my academic experience through a Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies. As a Registered Social Worker, I have worked with newcomer and racialized communities for over 10 years. You will find my Tedx Talk in this lesson which discusses the immigrant experience in more detail.

Attached to this lesson also, you will find my Major Research Paper which explored the experiences of immigrant with community and settlement organizations. The paper explores in dept the needs of youth and the supports required to ensure all the sacrifices that you as parents make for the well being of your children - are able to come to fruition

I hope you enjoy the course and find it of benefit!


Nabeel Rahman, MA, RSW

Parental Perspective

Youth Perspective

Challenges and Consequences